The Book:

Welcome back to that magical time when Christmas was a feeling in the heart; the time of mystery and joy that all children still feel each year the world over.
Told entirely in rhyming couplets, this twelve chapter, 96 page book tells of Santa's birth, his magical upraising by the North Pole Elves, and his perilous first journey around the world to bring toys and gifts to all the world's children. chap2
Written by award-winning poet, playwright and author Paul S. Carr III and illustrated by award winning illustrator of over 30 children's books, Herb Leonhard, Santa's First Magical Ride will enchant the young, and the young at heart, with its beauty and the answers it gives to those questions children always ask:
  • Where did Santa come from?
  • How does Santa get around the world in one night?
  • How does Santa get all those toys in the sack?
  • How do the reindeer fly?
  • How do the Elves live at the North Pole?
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  Remember the joy and simple wisdom of children as the universal spirit of the season is echoed in the words of the North Pole Elves:  
  "Giving just for giving's sake
is so much more than give and take."
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